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Subjective Psyche of man
BRAIN Universe Dischord
Theory of Subjective Senselessness
Energetic Cogito
Objective Psyche of the
BRAIN Universe Chord
Theory of Objective Sense
New Hypothesis by Johann Ge Moll
  •  Objective Psyche of the Universe   •  Onthological Scheme of yhe Universe and Psyche   •  Sign, Quantum & Nothingness   •  Quantum Semiotics and Linguo-Physics   •  Interaction by Symmetry and by Difference   •  Perpendicular Instantaneous Simultaneous Time and Time Curvature   •  Third Arrow of Time: Time as Co-ordinates as Decartes Product of Two Time Dimensions   •  Energetic Signs   •  Informational Letters and Brain attractors   •  Thinking through Taxis Concept - Set and Concept Continuum   •  Syntaxis Universalis: Taxis, Nihilistic Syntax, Ontological Syntax, Verbal syntax   •  Semiotic Unconcsious Interpretation of Quantum Realm   •  Principle of Game - Playing and Principle of Seriousness   •  Shifting from Logical Contradiction to Logical Counterpoint   •  Brain - Universe Chord   •  Future of mankind   •  Hearing the Esences (Hearing the Concepts)   •  Perceptory Cell and Dissociated Quantum   •  Restoration of Wave Function Procedure   •  Consciousness as a Black Hole   •  Symmetry as Power - Gravity Forces and Memory Forces as two different Manifistations of Symmetry   •  Quantum Information   •  Quantum Gravity   •  World Primordial Sign   •  The Law Insufficient Telos   •  Noo-Taxis - Intersubjectivity Psyche Circulation of Corpora Trans-Individualia   •  Singularity – Corpus Calosum Mirrorness   •  Musical Genealogy of Contemporary Physics
  •  Project for Non-repressive civilization   •  Programong and Deprograming of Mankind   •  New Cosmic Aristocracy - Interstellar Ruling Race - who are choosen to be Lords of the Earth
Aesthetic Worlds Ethic Worlds
Spatial Worlds Temporal Worlds
Spatial Worlds are formed up by symmetry,
harmony, and proportions.
Spatial Worlds are self-identical.
Spatial Worlds are Aesthetic.
Aesthetic Worlds are Spatial.
Spatial Worlds of Similarity,
Difference - General - Symmetry - Memory
and Self - identity - fantasy, having been aesthetic,
are joyful.
Temporal worlds are formed up asymmetry and
Temporal worlds are Non - self - identical=
Temporal worlds are Ethic
Ethic worlds are temporal
Temporal worlds of Difference - Individuality -
Chance - fantasy
And self-negation and self-diferent
Are suffering worlds.
Objective psyche of the Univerce hypothesis

Description of Libido Significandi, or the Lust for Meaning

Volume one: Desemantism

Volume two: Objective Psyche of the Universe – Sign Quantum Continuum. Quantum Semiotics and Linguo-physics

Libido Significandi, or the Lust for Meaning grasps humanity simultaneously with the new metaphysics of Desemantism;

new Thought of Cogitative Syntax – Omni-semantism;

new logic – the Logic of Logical Counterpoint, or the logic of semantic polyphony as logic of logical poly-voice;

new ontology – the objective psyche of the universe, as world psycho-energetic information field;

and new cosmologic subject of this ontology: World Nihilistic Ontological Syntax.

Postulates mentioned above follow one from the other in a strictly deductive chain indicative for attributes of inter-deductibility. 

Objective psyche of the Universe. Mnemohorme. Energetic Cogito. World Nihilistic Syntax

While Nietzsche turns us to revaluation of all values,  author leads us to resignification of all meanings. The book is an epochal because it proposes a new way of thought sensibility and cognizing. It predicts a new direction of evolution and the changing of the future of mankind.

Generaly speaking the book offers a new synthesis of Science and  Humanities  (Naturewissenshaften and Geistwisenshaften ) and  proposing  a hypothesis  of the objective Psyche of the univwerse ,show how to span the subjective psyche of man and the objective information  psyche of the universe.

Being a link and a bridge between the theory of language, the theory of physics and the theory of psyche, the book is not content with seeking for their features in common but does have a more powerful claim: constitution of the symmetry in between the physical, linguistic and psychological worlds united on the basis of the World Nihilistic Syntax they all contain, into a new paradigm in common called Signo-physics, or Lingui-physics.

Both volumes describe the universe (the first one – in the negative, and the second one – in a positive way) as a global unconscious soul.

In the first volume Anima Mundi appears to the western spirit in the negative – as asemantic abysm, whereas in volume two it is presented in the positive – in Eastern manner – as the objective psyche of the universe.

The manifestations of the objective psyche of the universe are various. Thinkers such as P. de Shardin would rather see it as a noosphere, others – such as Ervin Laszlo – interpret it as Akasha Field and World Information Field. What we see in the objective psyche of the universe is Energetic Cogito, Mnemohorme, Nootaxis, and World Nihilistic Syntax.

The major element which the universe consists of is neither energy, nor information even, but rather something ontologically higher, and epistemologically further than energy and information, that we call „Mnemohorme”, and this very something containing hypo-energy and hypo-information, carries them both along within itself, for it gave consequently them birth only after its own self-disintegration.

I’ve found this new, non-physical feature within the state of “Mnenohorme”, which

presents an undividible state of Memory (Form-Eidos-General-Symmetry-Possibility-Space-Information) and Impulse (Horme-Fantasy-Chance-Ontos-Individual-Asymmetry-Actuality-Time-Energy) and, which I call “Objective Psyche of the Universe”.

The book presents the way the objective psyche disintegrates (self-divides) into subjective physics and subjective psychic.

The description of the objective psyche is a description of memoria mundi and fantasia mundi as well.

Since the world’s information field, the objective consciousness or sub-consciousness and the objective psyche won’t positively appear, man can only perceive them in the negative through the appearance of asemantic abysm.

Volume one of Desemantism shows why man is hard to reach anima mundi, or the objective consciousness of the world’s information field.

The objective consciousness within is screened by subjective pseudo-consciousness built up by social identifying and unauthentic self-images as the grounds of a pseudo-identity. 

Onthological Scheme of yhe Universe and Psyche 

From my offerings of two kinds of new demonstrations of God’s existence: One developed
the Logic of Mind (Ordo Intellectualis); the other, the Logic of Heart (Ordo Amoris).
From the area of proof belonging to Ordo Intellectualis, I developed a new quantummechanical-
semiotic description of World Singularity and Black Holes (different than
Hawking’s and Penrose’s descriptions), in which I interpret World Singularity as a Point of
mutual passing of World Energy into World Semantics and World Semantics into World
Energy, and describes God as an ontological subject of this transformation of World
Semantics into World Energy and vice-versa, as Memoria Mundi and the Objective Psyche
of the Universe, which behaves as World Vertical of Semantic and Ontological Polyphony
of all events and eidoses.
And this Vertical of God’s status describes a World Chord of World Symmetry, which
contracts, in the Order of Simultaneity the consecutive order of Time; and being Energetic
Eidos of Omni-intersignum (in which the syntax of Signs and the syntax of Verbum are
indistinguishable from the syntax of elementary particles), condenses the Universe under
the status of the Semantic and Ontological Polyphony as a World Chord.
When this World Chord unfolds, by self-explication – explicatio mundi – the Universe
appears as an unfolding Arpeggio of the Chord. When, by self-contraction and selfcomplication
– complicatio mundi – the arpeggio contracts and condenses into a World
Vertical of Simultaneity, and the World Chord of God is restored.
The forces that transform and explicate the World Chord of God into the Arpeggio of
the Universe are Asymmetric – Anti-gravity forces, which expand the Universe, according
to modern physics in standard theory. The forces of the reverse movement that enfold and
condense the Arpeggio of the Universe into the World Chord of God are Symmetric Gravity
Forces, which shrink the Universe.
(We must note that Gravity forces and Memory forces are different manifestations of
one and the same Symmetric forces. As well as, Antigravity forces and Fantasy forces are
two different manifestations of one and the same Asymmetric forces).
Therefore, if we substitute all events of the Universe by symbolic sounds, and these
events gather into a Universal Chord – all of these events would “Sound” simultaneously
and will manifest the World Chord of God.
Conversely, if we unfold and separate each event, one from another, and present them
as symbolic sounds, we will observe and hear each event as an individual, and this World
movement of a variety of individuals will “sound” as a World Melody of Time, or a World
Arpeggio of a visible Universe.
That’s why I call the Consecutive Order of Time a “World Melody of Consecutiveness”;
and I call the Simultative Order of Time “World Chord-World Harmony-Polyphony of
the Universe”.
I call the Consecutive Order of Time “World Melody of Consecutiveness” because of
the coincidence of the Cosmological Arrow, Causality Arrow, and the Psychological Arrow
of Time.
Into the consecutive flowing of Time coincides not only the Cosmological, Causal
and Psychological Arrows of Time – with them coincides also the Logical Arrow of Non-
Contradictoriness, Fantasy Arrow, Energy Flowing, Perceptions Flowing and Existence
(You must note that Consecutive Temporality mirrors into Logic as non-
Contradictoriness. And Simultaneous Temporality mirrors into Logic as Contradictoriness.
The very Consecutiveness is only an effect of the Ontological non-transparency of
Asymmetry. As well as, the very Simultaneity is only an effect (behavior) of the Ontological
Transparency of Symmetry. The very symmetry acts as Symmetric forces, which we call
“World Symmetric Impulse”. The very Asymmetry acts as Asymmetric forces, called “World
Asymmetric Impulse”)
While the Arrow of Fantasy moves consecutively, the Arrow of Memory moves
simultaneously. Fantasy. Energy, Causality Nexus, non-Contradictoriness, Individuality,
Perceptions and Existence move consecutively and linearly.
But Memory, Forms, Ideas, Telos, Nexus, Contradictoriness, General, Concepts and
Essences move Simultaneously – Vertically as a Vortex.
While Fantasy, Energy, Causality, non-Contradictoriness, Perceptions, Individuality
and Existence build a Consecutive Arrow of Time, which flows Asymmetrically – Linearly
and create non-transparent Reality.
The Ontological non-transparent Reality in Logic behaves as non-Contradiction,
Logical Monologos, and Monosemantism.
Then Memory, Forms, Ideas, Telos, Contradictoriness, General, Conceptions and
Essences build a Simultaneous Arrow of Time that flows symmetrically – vertically
– perpendicularly, and creates an Ontologically Transparent Reality.
The Ontological Transparent Reality in logic behaves as Contradiction, Antinomy,
Logical Ambivalence, Logical Counterpoint, the Logic of Semantic Polyphony, Logical
Polyvoices and Multisemantism.
We distinguish two kinds of interaction: Interaction by Asymmetry and Difference,
Fantasy-Chance and interaction by Symmetry, Similarity and Memory.
The interaction by Asymmetry – Difference – Chance-Fantasy – Consecutive Time
– and Particles creates non-transparent Ontological Reality as a visible Universe.
Interaction by Symmetry – Similarity – Memory - Simultaneous Time and Ideas creates
Transparent Ontological Reality as an invisible ideal Universe.

Cognitive Screen and Fabricated Reality 

I don’t mean to offend – yet, at the risk to touch all learnt humanity – what I see now in contemporary theory is just common thoughts.

What I appeal for is – radicalism of cognitive autonomy of each pronouncement. In other words, what we need is a new language of concepts, and for this purpose we need to change the very structure of our language. That is to say, we have to shift from the traditional language of subject-predicate onto the possibilistic-inderministic-permutative continuum of language. To macroscopic-necessary-deterministic world does correspond the necessary deterministic language. To microscopic-possibilistic-probabilistic Quantum world corresponds a possibilistic-probabilistic Language.

Through the old traditional term of energy we won’t cognize energy in itself, neither could we cognize information behind the traditional term for it.

Yet, there used to be such – or similar – probabilistic-permutative continuum of language, the language of  music, poetry and art.

To cognize what energy in itself is like, we must do not use terms such as energy. To cognize what consciousness is like, our knowledge of consciousness must not approach the connotations implicit in the notion of consciousness.

The notion of quantum must be transcended – so that quantum in itself could be cognized without the term of it. Otherwise, we will keep on spinning around to the never ending bolero of mutual conceptual predication in terms traditional since times immemorial.

In brief, the notion of energy will not be cognized through the presumption of the term for energy. The idea of quantum will not be cognized through the presumption of the term for quantum. The presumption horizon in itself must be transcended – for the image in consciousness, and for the image of quantum so that both the horizon and quantum to be cognized. So, consciousness can be cognized only through a notion – semantic, on one hand, which does not include a consciousness in itself. Therefore, consciousness must be cognized through a larger range of semantic jargon, through the semantics of consciousness in itself.

The genuine nature of either the quantum or consciousness is known by no one.

Yet everyone tends to use both terms in enviable frivolity brought by the presumptive horizon of the concept. It is namely this presumptive, preliminary conceptual horizon to viciously and fatally predetermine our ability of cognition – through the deviation from the real thing, to the semantics we imply into it.

So, what we only have to do is to get rid of this presumptive, preconceived, pre-established conceptual horizon, and once having ripped up the intellectual veil of concepts, to make for the real thing in itself.

Yet, there still remains the drama of the shock upon the conceptual-semantic unveiling* and the revelation that the real being has gone all along with the veil.

Does this mean that we’ll  never ever cognize Reality without its conceptual Screen (the horizon of cognition) which tears us apart from the real thing?

The revelation we reach at is that behind the Conceptual Screen there must have been only our illusory want for a non-conceptual, non-semantic Reality. What we’ve meant by Reality all the way through turns out to be merely the persistence of our willing illusion.

What we have implied by Reality turns to be just a combination of our ideas about it. Yet, if the combinations include a tremendous number of ideas, there comes the question: how do we tell the real combinations from fictitious ones?

On the other hand, to each mental semantic combination of ours the Universum always corresponds with an accommodative ontology, so we have but two opportunities left:

  1. Out of all possible combinations of ideas only one is genuine and real – the others are fictitious,
  2. Or, all combinations along with their corresponding ontologies are genuine and real, and it is just a matter of a fantasizing fortuity in an evolution of the mind to confine us to one and only ontology considered to be real because only this ontology has been realized by the potential, when the fortuity of the mind focused its attention upon it.

If fortuity of a fantasizing points out at a particular combination amongst the others, and the quotient of genuineness and reality – then we need to study the quotient of fortuity through which the mind fantasizes, because the evolution’s quotient of fantasizing is equivalent to the quotient of fortuity – i.e. fortuity turns out to be objective fantasy of the Universe. We only have to explore fortuity as a basis quasi-ontology, which turns Cogito into Universum, presenting the combinations of Cogito as ontological combinations of universes.

Yet, analysis shows that the ontology of Fortuity is the ontology of the Nothingness and that makes it actually Nihilology, and presents the theory of Fortuity as a theory of Nothingness. This marks a sign of inter-deduction and inter-implication between fortuity and the Nihil, on the one hand, and on the other hand – between Cogito and probability.

But if the conceptual-cognitive Screen contains everything which is in reality, there comes the question: what is the real contents of the Cognitive Screen?

The answer of modern physicist says: Information. Yet, this answer we find to be incorrect because: 1) information in itself is poor, insufficient to complete the Screen, and 2) information is only the communication ability of Objective knowledge which if non-communicative knowledge exists, and there also exists knowledge which is not computable (incomputable).

Information (as understood by Claude Shannon up to quantum physicists) lacks in self-excitement which we find in Energetic Cogito, in energetic signs – because they both corresponds to the notion of Objective Psyche, the latter combination actually being the one of knowledge and vitality. Therefore, the real contents of Cognitive Screen is not Information, but the vitality of the Objective Knowledge, which is the Objective Psyche of the Universe. 

Interpretation of Wheller. “It from bit”

Is all around actually a manifestation of an infinite whirlpool of 0 and 1? We disagree that the laws of physics, space, time and energy can be reconstructed along mere information terms. What is all around is not just the manifestation of the zeroes-and-ones whirlpool, but is actually the bolero of the ever mutual embrace, getting closer and getting apart, symmetry-asymmetry, non-self-identity – self-identity, only an infinite whirl of the non-self-identical “not” and the self-identical “yes”, only an infinite whirl of the self-identical Plus and the non-self-identical Minus; of the self-identical Symmetry and the non-self-identical Asymmetry; of the self-identical Memory and the non-self-identical Chance-fantasy. Instead “It from bit” we say: “It from Energetic Cogito”, “It from energetic Signs”, or from the Objective Psyche of the Universe. 

The subjective Meaninglessness is aesthetic Meaninglessness.

The objective Meaninglessness is ethic Meaninglessness.

Meaning is always Aesthetic.

Meaninglessness is always Ethic.

Information is Aesthetic phenomenon.

Energy is Ethic phenomenon.

When we try channel our mind (information) within the Space-and-Time frame, it turns into matter, and vice versa: when we try to take matter out of the Space-and-Time frame, it turns back into mind.

Confined to Space, Time and locality, Information behaves as matter.

Set free from the prison of Space and Time, Time and again matter resurrects as Information.



2. The way of Desemantism 

If we practice Desemantism we will rid the mind of the Subjective Psyche of pseudomind, which conceals and keeps unknown the "Objective Psyche of the intelligent Universe" demonstrating how the "Subjective pseudo-consciousness"  veils within us the "Objective consciousness".

      Having exercised Desemantic technique we descend into the "Asemantic Abyss". The Asemantic Abyss reveals that all semantics are illusory, and that reality itself is asemantic. Within Asemantic Abyss through the mediation of "Methodological Horror" we discover "World Nothingness".

      In "World Nothingness" we discover Universal Total Symmetry where with enthusiasm we conceive how Nothingness and Symmetry coincide; so that Symmetry becomes Nihilistic Symmetry and Nothingness becomes Symmetric Nothingness.

      This Symmetric Nothingness is unveiled to us "Energetic Cogito". Energetic Cogito is revealed  as an ontologically superior state of the universe in which it has not yet disintegrated into the secondary Energy and Information  but only exists on a more fundamental and more primary level as Hypo-Information and Hypo-Energy which for convenience we can imagine conceptual chords of "Thinking Energy" and "Energizing Thought".

      Later on we notice that the "Energetic Cogito" in question is manifested and behaves as Energetic Signs, acting as World Nihilistic Syntax.

      In the Asemantic Abyss  having faced Symmetric Nothingness  (and Nihilistic Symmetry)in amazement we rather hear than see how Methodological Horror is split, yet, preserving the Harmony of the Whole we hear within the polyphony of Methodological Horror the two separate melodic voices: the Melodic Voice of Memorising Similarity and Memorizing Space; the Melodic  voice in counterpoint to Forgetting Difference and Forgetting Fantasizing Time.

      Only then, having distinguished well the counterpoint of voices we begin to see and comprehend how symmetry creates objective memory and becomes Memorizing Symmetry and then how Objective Memory creates Plato's Eidoses and Objective Memory creates Space which becomes Memorizing Space.

      And when we start to hear how the Asymmetric Forgetting Fantasizing Fortuity creates Primary Excitement, Initial Energy and Primordial Time.

      So that Time becomes forgetting and fantasizing time and Energy becomes forgetting and fantasizing Energy. But they both are based and supported by primordial Objective Chance-Fortuity.

      Only then do we realize that while we remain on the superficial level of Subjective Psyche we are compelled to use only Symbolic Cogito which uses only signs but is unable to move events energetically because it is Cogito which has lost its initial excitement, and has dropped it out of itself, and it has fallen as energy and material world - thus adumbrating and prefiguring the Primordial Fall.

If we manage to return to the state of Objective Psyche, then we will revert to the use of the Energetic Cogito which was the activity of psyche (universe) before the Fall (Big Bang).




3. Introduction to Desemantism 

Dear Misological Frend, 

We address you for the fatal sameness of the ideas in the book as compared to the european intellectual tradition. Moreover, the essays in the book have been written along the spirit of the classical french form. 

Our stamina is encouraged by the feeling that we are still carrying on the style and the pathos of the French Moralists – upon the decline of the West-European intellectual literary paradigm and Postmodernism having faded away.

The wish for the resurrection of civilization through the demolishing and repudiation of values is obviously in contradiction to the will for  Survival of Spirit that demands cherishing and tradition of values. And beyond all doubt, a civilization perishing under the burden of self-made inventions, in union with the Spirit, which demands a total Destitution of Values and Nullity of Meanings – such a civilization requires a new Non-Human kind of Reasoning to which neither the classical monism, nor the postmodernist pluralism turned out to be of any avail and adequacy. 

That is the reason why – to Meister Erkhart-Nietzshe’s “Poverty of Values” – we add up our idea of the “Nullity of Meanings”. That is why Nihilism, as a way of clearing up the road to a new civilization is not Devaluation only (to make values empty of meaning), but comes up to a Designification (to empty the meanings, (concepts,) from  semantics).

Reality being as the ever frightening and repulsive Inexplicable Asemantic Reality, so what is explicable and semantics  still remains as a type of “Illusion”. And since the mind would not put up with the unbearable appearance of a reality devoid of meanings – as terrified as it is – the mind would hurriedly, and in horror, cast on it a Conceptual Veil, thus bringing reality into a kind of “Meaning”. 

This release of the world from being confined into the meaning – this is what we call Dessemantism. Whereas Semantisms have always been grammatically attractive illusions and alluring conceptual Veils that the mind casts upon the Unbearable and Frightening A-semantic World, for De-semantism has always been a “Moving to Realism”.

A new type of culture can be only nourished through the creation of new meanings, yet new meanings will not be born out of the old Propositio form. Therefore, a new meaning demands the demolishment of the former Propositio, and that is to say, the demolishment of the classical Subject-Predicate structure of language. 




4. „Informational letters” or „Energetic Signs”

Nature  and  Universe have encoded their messages  under the form of the so called  „Informational letters” or „Energetic Signs”. The hypothesis of Objective Psyche of the universe and „Syn-ontosis  science” posits the : ”Energetic Signes” and „Informational letters” as a element which cosmos consists of.

The book makes description of the universe as hierarhy of various „Taxis”(Arrangements) or Syntaxis: Nihilistic syntax, Ontological syntax,Biological syntax (DNA syntax), Chemical syntax, Verbal syntax .

The investigations testify that  the  hierarhy of sistems correspondes to the hierarhy of Brains, and the hierarhy of brains correspondes to hierarhy of Languages. Hierarhy of brain-attaractors and hierarhi of Informational letters form the movement of taxis following the Arrow of Cephalus:  brain all-encompassing of the world.

I consider Quantum Vacuum as manifestation of  World Nothingness, and the very vacuum as a Language – like World Nihilistic Syntaxis. It works as symmetrization of everything with everything and transformation of Ontos into Eidos, of Energy into Information and vice-versa .

From the meeting of World Nothingness and World Semioticalness arises the Semiotical

Nothingness and Nihilistic Semiosis, which behaves as World-Nihilistic Syntaxis. Under

the condition of the World-Nihilistic Syntaxis, signs (meanings, information) become equal to and undividable from particles (energy). 

5. Syn-ontosis science

The book brings forth a new „Syn-ontosis science „, unambiguously and relentlessly urging the necessity of adding cognizing to cognized, so that the idea of the universe as a whole is to be grasped...

The Destiny of Object

Syn-ontosis science demands that Syn-eidetos of consciousness (”syn-eidetos” is the Greek for consciousness) must correspond to syn-ontosis of facts as unified with the consciousness of a single event of cognizing factual reality.

Herewith, if by assumption consciousness means notions of simultaneity and  utter completion , then contrary to consciousness there must be a reality – on its part – to present the whole as syn-topia (gathering all places together,) and simultaneity of all events possible.

Completeness is a result from the union of the cognizing and the cognized within one and only experience in common.

Science explores the cognized while being immune to the cognizing, being delusively submissive to explicitly ignoring the cognizing whereas science most implicitly and intensively does include the cognizing into the process of cognition. Yet, science tends to dismiss the cognizing to a purpose.

What is both comic and dramatic about it comes down to the simplest of the facts that all science’ knowledge of the cognized is based and due to the cognizing.

Traditional science is involved with the cognized only, yet another concept of the universe will still remain incomplete whereas the cognizing still remains beyond the cognizable.

Objective science has always been striving – by all means – to deliberately cast into oblivion the knowing subjectivity, suppressing it into the unconscious, and rule it out from the process of  cognition – for objective science has always been intimidated by their cognitive mind, for if they include it into  cognition – it  will ruin all science knowledge

If science gets to know the mind, they will lose the knowledge of object. So, the very knowledge of object is based on the faithful fear of subjectivity.

The ban of the subject creates the destiny of the object. 

The scientist exploring the universe should be able to add his own self to the universe, if he wants the picture of this universe to be complete. Until the Cognizing remains out of the field of knowledge, all knowledge will be incomplete and indispensably unreliable.

Is it not ridiculous to talk about the fate and death of the universe without accounting for the Cognizer of this universe? And with the discovery of Quantum physics this effect has become fundamental and Irresistible. What death of the universe may we discuss if such death is but a notion generated by the physicist's brain? We should ask ourselves: If we remove the idea about the death of the universe from the mind of the Cognizer physicist - how would this reflect on the universe? But we even do not have the right to ask this question because the universe is not an objective reality either, but something that emerges as a result of the interaction between the subjective Information field of the physicist's mind and the Objective information field. The thing that we call pathetically and thoughtlessly "universe" is merely an epistemological hybrid appearing on the Cognitive screen only when we talk about it, or when we think on it.

That is why everything that physicists have been saying about the universe over the centuries may turn out to be untrue or simply an imaginative adaptation picture - reaction - formation of the mind that generates models so as to defend itself from the attack of its own visions. It is necessary for all traditional and walking concepts of physics to be reviewed and defined anew - concepts such as space time, energy, mass, charge, moment and even information - from a novel viewpoint, and namely, from the viewpoint of Objective Psych, Objective Thought or the Energetic Cogito, that would be the viewpoint of one Syn-ontosis event that will equally and indistinguishably carry within  itself both Hypo-Energy and Hypo-Information, and that would turn out to stand higher in ontological terms and more primary - primordial in epistemological terms than the information and energy that appear secondary in relation to it, and would have themselves been born by the act of its self-disintegration.

Syn-Ontosis Science wants to add to the Sign its cognizing Subjectivity in one single event that is to become a subject of knowledge. But since this new knowledge is to be realized and referred to by a new Subjectivity that is to grow in order to include within itself as Cognized only what has formerly been only Cognizing, etc., ad infinitum, it follows that the only fate of science is to exteriorize more and more, and to turn into an object and subject of cognition what has, on a previous stage, been only a Cognizing Subjectivity. That it does not have any other fate but to expand more and more – increase the perimeter of the external world of the Thought at the expense of the internal world of the Thinking; to generate a world as objectivization of subjectivity.  


6. In our investigations we radically change the points of view,Weltanschauungs and main notions of interpretations of contemporary Physics: Symmetry and Asymmetry.

We cease to interpret Symmetry just as structural Invariance and interpret Asymmetry as just world Variability , and begin to investigate them mainly as a World Powers or World Forces – Symmetry Forces and Asymmetry Forces, which have different manifestations - symmetric impulse, symmetric charge, and primordial interaction: interaction by symmetry.

And Asymmetry Forces, Asymmetric Impulse and Interaction by Asymmetry as Interaction by Difference.

Interaction by Difference is Interaction by Particles

Interaction by Symmetry and Similarity is Interaction by Memory and Telepathy 

On the cosmic scale Symmetry forces behave as gravity forces.

On the atom level Symmetry forces behave as electromagnetic symmetric charge – fractal charge.

On the quantum level – Symmetry forces manifest themselves both as gravity forces and memory forces.

i.e. the general Symmetric forces have two different manifestations – as gravity forces and as memory forces – which can substitute for each other on a quantum level depending on various conditions. 

The Symmetry Force evokes and describes only the Spatial Image of the world.

While the Temporal Image of the world is evoked and described by the Asymmetrical Force. The Asymmetrical Force acts like a World Asymmetric Impulse and Interaction by Difference, and it manifests differently on the different ontological levels: Asymmetric Impulse is responsible for and manifests as:

On the Cosmic scale: as Anti-Gravitiy forces

On the Trans-cosmic scale the Asymmetric Force manifests as Primordial Negative Power of Negativity and Self-Negativity, as ever different from itself power of Self-Diference, Self-Otherness, Self-Strangness and Non-Self-Identity which are responsible for:

Continuous Expanding universe, Dark matter, and Dark energy ,where Asymmetric Forces act as Negative Forces of Repulsion and Negative Forces, working as global Fugue of World Negative Infinity and World Negativity, and also makes up the World Fugue of Time (primordial Infinite open plane time)

On the Quantum level and Plank scale Asymmetric Forces manifest as Objective Chance-Fortuity Forces and world Objective Indeterminism, which creates every Newness, Unpredictable and Unforeseen event. 

2. Sign of Equality = Chaine of Interdeductability = Exo-verse = Extro-verse = Exploded Universe = Big Bang = Explosin = Explicatio Mundi = Time explication = Time retraction = Space retraction = Meaning retraction (explication) = Dys-eidetos = Dys-ontosis = Dys-ideas = Mono-possibilism = Mono-ontos = Mono-predication = Dys-topia = Dys-temporalism = Dys-semantism = Mono-semantism = Dys-concept = Dys-percept = Dysfunctional Mind = Consecutiveness = Linear Homophonic Monological Thought = Non-contradictoirness = Exparting of all Esences one from another = Extrapositioning of all Differences one to anither = All Esences (Differences) are taken outside each other = Ontological Non-transperancy = Exo-Universe = Non-zero-point Energy = Non-zero-point Meaning = Dysintegration of Energetic Cogito and Appearence of Symbolic Cogito = Parting of Energy and Information = Parting of Signifier and Signified = Parting of Percept and Concept = Parting of Noumenon and Phenomenon = Dysintegration of Ontological Syntax and Appearence of Verbal Syntax = Events become different from Signs = Particles become different from Letters = Emerging of Verbal letters  

3. The logic of the Mind is the logic of Space. The logic of Space is the logic of Form and Ideas.

(Aristotlean Forms are equal to Platonic Ideas.)

The Logic of the Heart is the logic of Time. The logic of Time is the logic of Energy. The Logic of Energy is the logic of Non-Self-identity. The logic of Forms and Ideas is the logic of Self-Identity.

Forms, Ideas and Space are self-identical. Energy, Mass and Time are non-self-identical.

Science must focus its efforts to unifying the logic of the Cognized and the logic of the Cognizing.

Time is Cognizing, Space is Cognized.

The Cognized is presented by Space and the Mind, and the Cognizing is presented by Time and the Heart.

Quantum Physicists understand only the logic of the Cognized. The logic of the Cognized is the logic of Space. Space, Forms and Ideas can appear as an Object. Yet Time, Energy and Cognizing cannot appear as Objects: Time appears as a Subject.

Time is Subjectivity; Space is objective.

Time cannot appear as an Object: Time is pure subjectivity. 

Our attempt is to combine the Logic of the Mind as the Logic of Space and the Logic of the Heart as the Logic of Time.

In order to perceive the Universe as an Object, Spatial Intelligence alone is enough.However, in order to perceive the Universe as a Subject, we need Temporal Logic. 

Division of Space Worlds and Time Worlds.

We can really be free from needing a Big Bang theory. If the Universe is created again and again, anew, in each moment by the reduction of Wave Function, and this reduction brings about the transformation of Wave Function into Perception Function, which builds the Perception, Present and Sensorial Macroscopic world, and thus ceaselessly transforms the Information Universe into an Energetic Universe, as a transfiguration of Possibilistic Universe into an Actualistic Universe, then the standard Big Bang theory is revealed to be unnecessary. 

4. Sacred Geometry alone is insufficient for explaining the Universe. It is not enough to use only the Space theory of ideas. What we need is a perception of Time. By presenting time as space we miss half the world: we unite reality in order to enrich the mathematical Cognitive Screen.

The Sacred Geometry describes only one half of the world: the half which we have already extricated out of Subjectivity as an Object – which we have already extricated out of Temporal Subjectivity as a Spatial Object.

In order to perceive the Object we only need to have the cognition of Spatial Intelligence. However, in order to perceive the Subject, we need the Temporal Mind, which is not intellectual, but emotionally-intuitive. To achieve this, however, a development of a new temporal logic is necessary, which shall be the description of the auto-deduction of the Temporal Mind. 

It is indeed foolish to be afraid of the status of Singularity.

The physicists’ fear of Singularity exposes their panic fear of facing a new Physics, which requires radical change in physical laws and above all in physical intuitions – which in turn requires the development of new perceptions and a new Mind, of which they turn out to be incapable. This new Physics is the Nihilistic Physics, at which the concepts of the Quantum Vacuum are merely a feeble attempt.

In order to grasp the meaning of Singularity, a new Physics consciousness needs to be developed, which will be capable of realizing that Singularity is not an obstacle in the way of Physics development, but, contrary to that, is possibly the greatest opportunity to cast a scientific bridge between natural and spiritual sciences, because Singularity is the pseudo-point where the Physical Universe transcends, or transforms, into an Information Universe, and vice versa.

Singularity is on one hand the supreme culmination moment of Implosion, and on the other hand, Singularity is the turning point of mutual transformation of the Energetic Universe into and Information Universe.On a third hand, Singularity is a most beautiful example for an Ontological Transparency.

Our studies place a mark of logical equivalence between Singularity and the following phenomena, elevating their interdependence into a Chain of Interdeductability:

Sign of Equality: Chain of Interdeductability : Endoverse = Introverse =Imploded Universe = Singularity = Black Hole = Implosion = Time Contraction = Space Contraction = Meaning Contraction = Complicatio Mundi = Syn-ontosis = Syn-eidetos = Syn-ideas = Syn-topia = Syn-temporalism = Syn-semantism = Syn-concept = Syn-percept = Syn-functional Mind =  Ontological Transperansy =  Interpositioning of all differences in one another =Imparting of all essences in one another = Imploded Universe = Intro-verse = Endo-verse = Endogen universe  = Zero point Energy = Zero point Meaning = Quantum Vacuum = World Nihilistic Syntax =World Ontological Syntax = Signo-kinesis = Informational letters =  

Singularity is a description of an Internal Universe, which we call "Inter-verse"

Ontological Transparency interpositions essences (things) in each other and makes each bottomless and all-penetrable to all the other. Ontological Transparency

creates Space and Consciousness by interpositioning the differences in one another.

Ontological Non-Transparency extricates things out of each other and gives rise to their difference by transforming the difference between them into a substance of Space –Time.

Thus Ontological Non-Transparency creates linear consecutive Time by extrapositioning the differences form each other.

{{ Links = Text behind the text : page 670 – "Another falsification}} 

To the traditional Extroverse we oppose the Introverse, which is a quantum possibilistic Universe. Singularity is the status of Cognizing. Through Singularity we cognize. Singularity cognizes and Cognizing singularizes. Our fear of Singularity represents our fear of our Subjectivity.

The secrecy of Singularity is a magic transformative power of Equality. Singularity is a point of mutual equalization and inter-symmetrization of everything with everything. This movement of global inter-symmetrization is the real cause of fear of our subjectivity, of interio intimo meo – the deepest nihilistic Subjectivity. (Where Nothingness symmetrizes and Symmetry nihilizes – which is an activity of our fundamental discovery of equivalence between world symmetry and world nothingness)

Just like we hear music from each contradiction, from Singularity as a quazi point of omni-inter-contradicton, we hear the global music of the Universe. Having reached the status of world subjectivity, where in one event we hear at once all possible events, received as in a single world chord, like Leibniz's God "What appears to the mind (the ear) of humans successively is received in one go by the divine ear", as Lyotard summarized Leibniz.

Being a status of objective consciousness, Singularity is a status of God. (See our model of Consciousness as a Black Hole, Quantum Mind Conference 2007, Salzburg) 

                          *                             *                               * 

1.The Physicists’ self-confidence is laughable, but their presumption is harmful once they start interfering and explaining spiritual phenomena via mechanics. The literary poets’ presumption is also laughable. The former take advantage of the Matter’s weakness when it comes to explaining the Being, and the latter take advantage of the Being’s obsession to disregard and forget about the Matter.

Yet the Matter is stern and respectful, and therefore deserves science’s fanaticism. While the Being is spoilt and flippant, and therefore deserves the terror of language.

In the last centuries a tendency can be observed of a certain shift from the literature of man to the literature of the substances which constitute him: a shift from the poeticism of man’s soul towards the Universe’s soul.

It transpired that man does not deserve his high literature, and Language must take its ceremonial from the perverse human passions and turn it towards the Matter’s stern Patrician conduct. It transpired that man betrayed the trust evolution put in him in the form of Intelligence, and due to its deterioration, Language must bestow the lofty responsibilities of the Gift of Intelligence to the Matter.

The human being proved to be unworthy of bearing the Noble Burden of Knowledge, and thus this Precious Burden shall be bestowed to evolution's other substances.

A new literature of the Matter ought to be created, which will be turned towards the Matter with the whole Rituality of mathematics, while simultaneously preserving the wistful reverie of music.

Because modern science has discovered that the Matter is more intelligent than the Being,

Because the Being possesses only the intelligence of culture, while the Matter possesses the intelligence of the Universe. – In the same way Sound is much more intelligent than the meaning man ascribes to it: Meaning is human, and Sound is Divine: the Meaning man ascribes to the Sound is always one, while the Sound bears in it all possible meanings.

Literature must transpose its exquisiteness to the Matter, and science must transpose its strictness to the Being.

Because Logical Imagination nowadays has shifted from the subjective poetry of man towards the objective poetry of the universe, and this is why science nowadays is more poetic than literature: because scientific poetry today describes the Objective Psyche of the Universe, which is by far more prolific than the already exhausted subjective psyche of the old selfish chap who uses literature to nurse his narcissistic bruises.