Libido Significandi second volume

Linguistic Bewitchedness of Thought

Syndrom of Linguistic Automatism

Philosophers as Linguistic Zombies

Omnisemantism Love of Suffering

Resignification of all Meanings second volume

Non-Human kind of Thought

Humanism as Semantic Slavery


Semantic Music for Re-education of Intellectuals

Revolt of Mediocrities


Bible of Individual God second volume

Anti-Faust intellectual comedy, pentalogy fiction

Double Life of Antonio Vivaldi novel and screenplay

Narcotized by Matheus Passion of J.S. Bach novel

Inferno novel

How Kant killed Kleist play

Holderlin and the Shame of Fame play and screenplay

The Murder of the Gods plays


philosophy and physics

Sign, Quantum and Nothingness

Critique of Possibilistic Reason

Syntaxis Universalis

Taxis, Nihilistic Syntax, Ontological Syntax, Verbal Syntax

Hypothesis of the Objective Psyche of Universe

Energetic Signs, Semiotic Unconscious, Interpretation of Quantum Realm, Hypothesis of Linguophysics

Quantum Semiotics and Quantum Linguistics

Individuals as Instants. Temporal Monadology. Third Arrow of Time

Perpendicular Simultaneous Instantaneous Time

Brain-Universe Chord Future of Mankind

Orto –Physics, Meta – Physics, Para – Physics

Principle of Game – Playing and Principle of Seriousness