Our interpretation of Weil’s Curvature depends upon this: How we interpret the very
movement and flowing of Time. If we interpret the flowing of Time consecutively – as a
Linear consecutive Arrow of Time, moving from Past to Future – then Singularities, and
respectively Weil’s Curvature, will manifest as two different temporal modes: In Singularity
situated in the Past (Big Bang) Weil’s Curvature could be equal to “0” – WEIL = 0 - as
Roger Penrose described.
In the case of Singularity situated in the Future (Big Crunch and Black Holes) Weil’s
Curvature could tend toward Infinity – WEIL -> a – as Penrose showed.
But if we interpret the flowing of Time as perfectly different – and accept the possibility
of a Third Perpendicular Arrow of Time that moves in a Perpendicular direction as regards
the traditional one, as flowing ortogonally from Past to Present Consciousness and flowing
ortogonally from Future to Present Consciousness, and this Third Arrow manifests as a
Simultative Perpendicular Arrow of Time, moving not from Past to Future, but in the
already described way – then our picture of Singularities will radically change and because
of Simultaneous Time, the Singularity of Big Bang and Big Crunch will coincide and
respectively, Weil’s Curvature equal to “0” and Weil’s Curvature tending toward Infinity
will coincide, too.
(The above interpretation could imply such paradoxical consequences that Big Bang
and Big Crunch, taking a different place in time from the point of view of the Linear
Consecutive Arrow of Time – will, on the contrary, from the point of view of the Simultative
Perpendicular Arrow of Time, still continue in Simultative Perpendicular Time and from its
side, the Big Crunch has already happened and began simultaneously with the Big Bang.
Hence, Big Bang and Big Crunch exist as double ontology simultaneously: within
the Linear Consecutive Arrow of Time they occur in succession; within the Perpendicular
Simultaneous Arrow of Time they occur simultaneously*)
We needed it in order to explain, by its mediation, how Physical Time is transformed
into Psychic Time, and having been aware that Psychic Time needs a different Ontology and,
respectively, different physical dimensions, we propose that Psychic Time should be moved
in the direction perpendicular to the direction of Linear Consecutive material time – as
flowing from Past to Present-Consciousness, and from Future to Present-Consciousness.
For this purpose, in order for material Time to become Psychic Time it needs the
very Present to shift its Ontology of “Present-without-Ontological-Volume” and lacking
duration of Psychic time, toward the Ontology of “Present-with-Ontological-Volume” and
“Present-possessing-duration-of-Psychic-Time” – which means Present shifting from the
Physical Present to the Psychological Present.
As different than the Physical Present, which exists only as a boundary between Past
and Future, without Ontological volume, the Psychological Present must possess its own
Ontological volume. The Psychological Present will obtain its volume at the price of Memory,
returning Past back to Present and, at the price of Fantasy, placing Future preliminarily
into Present.
In our Physical Model of Consciousness we apply a special theory about the activity of
Memory Forces and Fantasy Forces which, imparting the Past and Future into the Present,
and gathering together the whole Time into one Ontology, helps Time to curve its direction
Perpendicularly and causes and creates, in this way, a new Perpendicular Arrow of Time,
through which Time moves from Past to Present Consciousness and from Future to Present
to Present Consciousness.
This theory requires a new understanding of the movement of Time and distinguishes
two different kinds of Time flow: one Time flowing “between Instants” – characterizing
the Material Linear Consecutive movement of Time from Past to Future – the other Time
flowing “within Instants”, characterizing the Psychic Perpendicular Simultative movement
of Time from Past-to-Present-Consciousness and from Future-to-Present-Consciousness.
Namely, Memory Forces working as Memory Wave Functions, and Chance-Fantasy
Forces, working as Chance-Fantasy Wave Functions, curve the Arrow of Time into a
Perpendicular direction, and though this “Time-Curvature” cause a new Perpendicular
Arrow of Time and builds Psychic Time, moving into the Ontology of Consciousness (i.e.,
into the Ontology of Psychological Present-Consciousness) and disposing itself into the
Perpendicular dimension, to the Physical Present and to the Linear Consecutive Traditional
Flowing of Time from Past to Future.
This theory is connected with Bell’s Ontological Form-Energy Dissociation and requires
the game of alternation between dissociation and association of Continuum Minkovsky-
Einstein, and following this entails Simultative existence of the forward Light Cone and
reverse Light Cone, in which the Linear Arrow of Time keeps the forward Light Cone and
the Perpendicular Arrow of Time causes the reverse Light Cone.