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A lecture by Dr. Timen Timev 

Between inhumanity of knowledge in man and the unreason of man in knowledge  


On March 29th and 30th, 2008

in the hall of the Slavic Society, Sofia, the National Annual Forum – a New Spiritual Wave "St. Sofia the Wise" will take place 

The Forum’s special guest will be Dr. Timen Timev, PhD 

On March 30th 2008, Sunday, at 14.50 h he will hold a lecture on the following subject: „Shifting the Human Spirit from a Spatially-Intellectual Figure to a Temporally-Emotional One”. 


Timen Timev is a Plovdiv-born writer, poet, playwright, philosopher, semiologist, violinist, psychiatrist, a scientist with an encyclopaedic scope of knowledge, and religious philosopher, more popular abroad than in Bulgaria. 

Timen Timev, who uses the pseudonyms Anubis, Materius Resenkreuzer, etc. has been living in USA for the past 10 years. He teaches History of Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy of Music and creative Writing in various European and American universities. 

He rises to popularity during the 1990s following the publication of his books The Riot of the Mediocre. A History of Linguistic Hypocrisy, Anti-Faust, Alchemy of Language, etc. He has published 21 poetry books and 12 plays. He has also written over 20,000 pages of tractates in ontology, logics, ethics, aesthetics, transcendental psychology, sociology, semiotics, hermeneutics. 

He has created a theoretical model for a non-repressive civilisation, a model of the brain and the superconsciousness, a new interpretation of  the quantum mathematics and cosmology, systems for automatic poetry and automatic stylistics, systems for meditation and heuristic-creative techniques, a hypothesis for the symmetrical-syntax correlative between the Universe and the Mind, a hypothesis for the ultramicroscopic universal objective psyche, world memory and quantum-mechanic collective inter-ego. 

He has also founded a new philosophical movement – Omnisematicism, a new international youth intellectual movement for new logical and ardent revolution Omnirealism. He has set the foundations of a new science – Alphysics, he has developed a Non-Self-Identical Ontology, Nihilistic Physics, Permutating Hermeneutics. Most of his works have been published abroad. Only three of his books are out in Bulgaria. Presently he works in the Institute of Integral Esthetics in San Francisco, California, and is a practising psychiatrist as well. 


Timen Timev’s theoretical work is dedicated to the search for the Great Synthesis between Science and Art, which negates Dilthey’s distinction between natural sciences and humanities. His basic philosophical concept is overcoming the "human" and its transcendenting through a mutating humanism towards a transhuman cosmic reason. This concept acquaints us with the incomprehensible harmony between the inhumanity of knowledge in man and the unreason of man in knowledge. 

The philosopher preaches that Clarity, Authenticity, Incontrovertibility, Confidence, Conviction – those pillars of logics are attributes not of thought, but of fascination. They are the eyes not of a soberer, but of a hypnotic, which hope to find Truth under their features, but instead discover Beauty. In out blind hypnotic pursuance of human thought after Language and Sign we unmask its thirst for extonation and de-essentialization (assimilation of our essence in the Supreme). This is why it is time, he calls, to accuse Western Metaphysics' whole methodology of desire to Bewitch. This is  why we no longer need to hide the fact that rationalism has always been merely a pretext for aestheticism. 

Timen Timev defines “human” as a world theft of the Object’s self-knowledge. Subjectivity is born of this ontological theft’s constitution. This is why cognition is sin, because it is the world’s Mentality which man and evolution have appropriated. And the only way for man to redeem himself for this sin he has committed before the Universe and achieve salvation, is to restore the Intelligence he stole from the Substances through evolution, and to restore them to the Universe. The subjectivity, criminally stolen and appropriated by him 

According to Timev, man should also be tried with the crimes of the humanistic reduction, through which the Cosmic Reason and Sensitivity are reduced to human reason. Thus, the major prerequisite and condition for the mind to be elevated to the philosophy of the Thinking Substance, joyful energy and Intelligent Object is the requirement for overcoming Man and the human. Subjectivity, he teaches, which has separated (for the purposes of its narcissism) the Flower from the Thought, has a duty to restore the unity of the Thinking Flower. This statement of his has lead his students to call his teaching The Philosophy of the Thinking Flower.  

Thus, through antinomy, Timev extricates the theory of the joyous energy and the worrisome form. This is why his teaching is called Joyous Insolubilionism. Via this “joyous insolubility” he defends the concept of a rational mysticism, which explains the world through the sacrament of cognition.

Written by: Lilyana Ferolli